Life & English: "Welcome to Hanoi - the best place in Vietnam"

Dear friends.

If you go to Vietnam, don’t forget to visit Hanoi because it is the place you’ll be surprised.

I want to show you some exciting places like: Mot Cot pagoda, Hoan Kiem lake, Huong pagoda, My Dinh station, Ho Chi Minh museum, Lenin park,… It’s still fresh like very long time ago, and now it grew up, you can see. However, I forgot one, that is Keangnam tower, the highest tower in the Northland. The tours and the hotel room are so wonderful. We will serve you professionally. If you think that it’s not true, you can come here, you’ll see everything I told you is true.


Author: Wider World’s Student

Editor: Ms Huong - Teacher

Wider World Language Center,

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